Kitchen gadgets that you must have

ImageSo for years I’ve been going into department stores just to fondle and drool.  And, no, it wasn’t over muscled workers or steamy calendars.  I have been fondly daydreaming about owning my very own Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer.

To those who have not been initiated into the cult of Kitchen Aid, you might not understand – nor am I really certain I can explain why I think this is one of the best pieces of kitchen gadgetry that you’ll ever buy. It is not – let me just stress – is not just your ordinary mixer.

I was privileged to grow up in a family that had a Kitchen Aid mixer so I was initiated at a young age.  Yes, these machines are heavy, but they make cake batter a skate, dough kneading easy and mashed potatoes fluffy. Plus, there are all sorts of neat attachments and they’re so dependable that you could even, potentially, pass them down to your grandchildren.

Now, there is a fairly recent tradition in my family that wedding present equals Kitchen Aid Mixer.

Well, I couldn’t wait any longer so I have broken tradition and bought my own. They’re not cheap so my wallet isn’t exactly happy, but my stomach sure is.

Cupcakes anyone?

I’d like to know what other people think of the Kitchen Aid or what they’re favourite kitchen gadgets are. I look forward to comments.

Happy Baking

Rose Connelly


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