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Shana Phillips is a moderately successful romance writer, but she has a big problem. Due to an almost crippling shyness, the only type of romance she experiences comes from the characters in her books.

Wanting to write a story steeped in myth and magic, she lets her agent talk her into visiting the small village of Ballybree in County Meath, Ireland.

Despite her agreement, though, the thought of all the attention she is bound to get terrifies her. She plans to spend as much time as possible alone in her rented cottage, but the residents of Ballybree have other ideas.

First, there is Ronan O’Meara, the gorgeous, gray-eyed Irishman who is determined to court her. Then there is Fáelán, a magical being who treats her like a sister and swears they share a common ancestry.

Finally, there are Kate and Zoe who break through her barriers to become her first friends and confidants. But even with all the extra support, will she be able to overcome her problems and find her own happy ending?



This book explores what it’s like to live and find love for people with social anxiety – though the happy ending comes faster than in real life and she has some help from some interesting people – it is fiction.

This book will be free to download from Amazon from now – March 16th 2014- until this Thursday. Download a copy, check it out, and let me know what you think.


Happy Reading



Happy 2014 Everyone

I’ve decided not to make New Year’s resolutions this year, at least not concrete ones. I think ideas or concepts for where I want to go might work better. Last year I made concrete goals – I partially reached some of them, but none were fully realised and I’m beginning to think that few people actually reach all the goals the set an the beginning of the year – it’s too much pressure – and failure just leaves us feeling disappointed in ourselves.

So ideas:
This year: I’m going to try and be more sociable (not saying I have to attend a certain number of events or make a new friend – just make an effort).

I’ll also make a real effort to be more disciplined about my writing – What this means I’m not exactly sure, but I’ll figure it out.

Last, but not least I’ll try to have more positive than negative thoughts.

There, that’s it: done and, hey, this blog is writing so I suppose I’m already on my way to concept number two.

Have a great 2014 everyone and just be happy and proud that we’ve all made it through another year.

Happy Reading
Rose Connelly

Kitchen gadgets that you must have

ImageSo for years I’ve been going into department stores just to fondle and drool.  And, no, it wasn’t over muscled workers or steamy calendars.  I have been fondly daydreaming about owning my very own Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer.

To those who have not been initiated into the cult of Kitchen Aid, you might not understand – nor am I really certain I can explain why I think this is one of the best pieces of kitchen gadgetry that you’ll ever buy. It is not – let me just stress – is not just your ordinary mixer.

I was privileged to grow up in a family that had a Kitchen Aid mixer so I was initiated at a young age.  Yes, these machines are heavy, but they make cake batter a skate, dough kneading easy and mashed potatoes fluffy. Plus, there are all sorts of neat attachments and they’re so dependable that you could even, potentially, pass them down to your grandchildren.

Now, there is a fairly recent tradition in my family that wedding present equals Kitchen Aid Mixer.

Well, I couldn’t wait any longer so I have broken tradition and bought my own. They’re not cheap so my wallet isn’t exactly happy, but my stomach sure is.

Cupcakes anyone?

I’d like to know what other people think of the Kitchen Aid or what they’re favourite kitchen gadgets are. I look forward to comments.

Happy Baking

Rose Connelly

Family Wedding, Social Anxiety and ramblings

So I came back last week from a wedding in Georgia (the US state, not the country). It was a family wedding and the first time in ten years that all of my siblings have been together – there are 12 of us.

My oldest – is there a nice way to say that? – how about the sister with the most life experience – got married. It was a beautiful wedding – she’s very talented – and made her own gorgeous, unique dress – and it had some wonderful nods to the geeks in the family (most of us) with the music from The Hobbit and a dance to a song from Howl’s Moving Castle. During the dance with my dad, both my sister and dad were singing to each other, a lot of people teared up.

Of course, being a family affair there was plenty of drama. Why is it when we get back together we all seem to act like children again? Well except for the drinking. Is this the case for all siblings?

I didn’t want to say then, because it was my sister’s special time, but I had a breakthrough. For those of you who have been following my blog and probably those who’ve read ‘A Blush of Magic,’ I struggle with social anxiety. I don’t think I’ve completely overcome it yet, but I did something big:

I got on the microphone and spoke in front of a few hundred people – many I didn’t know – completely unrehearsed. Had only had one one drink. My palms didn’t even sweat. Have I turned a corner? I really hope so.

I know I haven’t posted much recently, but life has been really busy. I hope to start the rounds of agent queries with a new book soon – needs a tiny bit of polishing. It’s basically a paranormal romance and has garnered good reviews from beta readers.

Then I’ll be starting on another book.

I’ll try and update more often, but in the meantime:

Happy Reading
Rose Connelly

How not to do a KDP Free Promotion – Obviously

Hello readers and fellow authors. I’m here today to share with you a little story that I wish wasn’t the truth, but sadly is. Here goes.

So after months of querying agents and publishers, getting some interest and positive comments, but – ultimately – being told it just didn’t ‘fit,’ I finally published ‘A Blush of Magic‘ through Kindle Direct Publishing.

Then I had this bright idea (I know, you’re probably already cringing – right?). I already had one romance, ‘Running from Fate,’ published through KDP and I thought: why not do a double promotion?

For those of you who don’t know, a KDP author can sign up for KDP Select, give Amazon exclusive rights to the ebook for 90 day and, in return, get 5 days where they can offer their ebook for free.

Bright idea: offer ‘Running from Fate’ free for 2 days one week and, in my blog and tweets, I made it clear the promotion was in commemoration of my new book.  Then, a week later, offer ‘A Blush of Magic’ free for two days.

I tweeted, tweeted to other people and asked for retweets, I blogged, I posted notices on Goodreads and other websites; I was ready for downloads to sky-rocket (they did the first time I did this for ‘Running from Fate’).

THEY DIDN’T! In fact, I got less than a quarter of the free downloads I had the previous week with ‘Running from Fate.’

So, I ask you – and please feel free to answer – what did I do wrong? Help or advice on marketing would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks to all those people who did spread the word and who downloaded my books.

Happy reading

Rose Connelly

My New Book – A Blush of Magic – is free to download Wednesday the 11th and Thursday the 12th


It’s been a long time coming. Over a year since ‘Running from Fate’ and my new novel is finally out! In ‘A Blush of Magic’ join Shana, who is so shy, she’d close to living as a shut in,  as she takes a simple research trip to Ireland that turns into something not so simple.

Come visit Ireland where magic still exists and hero’s come with sexy accents. Share with Shana a journey of self discovery that could ultimately lead to a path of love – if she’s only strong enough to walk it.

Visit Amazon on Wednesday, September 11th or Thursday, September 12th and download your free copy. Spread the news, please tell me what you think and, as always…

Happy Reading

Rose Connelly

Free Promotion – Running from Fate

On Tues 4th and Thurs 5th Running from Fate will be free to download for your Kindle to honour the publication of my new book A Blush of Magic

A Blush of Magic now published


Well the time has come to go my own way. After months and months, possibly a year, of sending off queries, getting a few manuscript requests and some very positive feedback, only to be told it doesn’t quite fit, I have decided to self publish once again.

“A Blush of Magic” is the story of Shana Phillips, a decent, but not great romance writer who suffers from Social Anxiety Disorder. At her home in Boston she is friendless, barely goes out and even gets her groceries delivered. She wants a better life, but doesn’t know how to get it.

Cue an intriguing note and photo from someone in the village of Ballybree in County Meath, Ireland.  Shana has an idea for a wonderful book, steeped in magic, but needs the right inspiration – she goes – figuring she can take solitary walks and hide out in her cottage.

Kate, Zoe, Ronan, the local population of fae people and, really, the entire village, have other ideas.

Will Shana grab the chance to overcome her problems, change her life and find her own happily ever after? Find out here:

Happy Reading

Rose Connelly

Why do women torture themselves – the myth of small feet

Went out to buy new trainers today as the holes in mine are getting so big they have their own holes. Anyway, went to Sports Direct; shoes I tried on (anything under £45) were too tight. Sister and I spent three hours walking around Edinburgh and going to every sport’s shop we could find, same issue. Went back to Sports Direct, figured I’d up my budget; still same issue. Woman (sales assistant) hesitantly suggested that perhaps I should try men’s shoes. Maybe afraid I’d be offended. Anyway, hallelujah, they fit without choking my feet.

Don’t know if there’s some kind of idea that all women have narrow feet (which I guarantee they don’t) or woman want their feet to look small so they squeeze them into tiny shoes and don’t complain. Makes life a pain. On the plus side, now that I know I can wear a size 6 (uk) in men’s my choices for walking/hiking boots just went way up.

On another note, spent a while drooling over hiking equipment – did you know they have travel towels – can’t wait till I’ve got more money and the weather is nicer so my dog, Sophie, and I can finally go hillwalking!

Shelli is one of my friends and she’s a good writer. Have a look at her new story and enjoy.
Happy reading
Rose Connelly

Shelli Rosewarne

Hi all,

Well, I have a shiny new release out – which is always exciting! It’s a shortish (10k) story called A Chance at Love in the Serviced Anthology by Breathless Press.51WNRN38wcL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA278_PIkin4,BottomRight,-67,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_

A Chance at Love

Corporal Aidan Hamilton has the unenviable job of telling his best friend’s sister that her brother isn’t coming back. This is slightly complicated by the fact that from the moment he meets Suzanne Kelsey he knows she’s everything he’s ever wanted. While Suzanne might need someone to lean on at the moment, can he convince her that what they have is more than a short term fling?

Suzanne had always told her big brother that being a soldier was too dangerous, so when she sees the uniformed officer in front of her house she knows exactly what he’s here to tell her. While Aidan may set her blood on fire, Suzanne has already lost…

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