Why do women torture themselves – the myth of small feet

Went out to buy new trainers today as the holes in mine are getting so big they have their own holes. Anyway, went to Sports Direct; shoes I tried on (anything under £45) were too tight. Sister and I spent three hours walking around Edinburgh and going to every sport’s shop we could find, same issue. Went back to Sports Direct, figured I’d up my budget; still same issue. Woman (sales assistant) hesitantly suggested that perhaps I should try men’s shoes. Maybe afraid I’d be offended. Anyway, hallelujah, they fit without choking my feet.

Don’t know if there’s some kind of idea that all women have narrow feet (which I guarantee they don’t) or woman want their feet to look small so they squeeze them into tiny shoes and don’t complain. Makes life a pain. On the plus side, now that I know I can wear a size 6 (uk) in men’s my choices for walking/hiking boots just went way up.

On another note, spent a while drooling over hiking equipment – did you know they have travel towels – can’t wait till I’ve got more money and the weather is nicer so my dog, Sophie, and I can finally go hillwalking!


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