Writing Books and Ex-boyfriends

I can’t remember where, but I heard or read a comment comparing books that you’ve finished writing to ex-boyfriends. What is meant by that – for me anyway – is that once you’ve finished the writing and the revising and the editing you have moved on. Then, after some time has passed, you will think back on the book fondly, but won’t want to revisit it.

Recently I have discovered that this is absolutely true. Take for example my first novel “Running from Fate,” which I published on Amazon in August of last year. I spent some time trying the traditional publishing route – agent queries mainly – before I turned to publishing in ebook format. Prior to that I spent over a year writing and revising the manuscript. Even with revising I finished writing the book in September of 2010.

By the time it was published on Amazon it had been off my radar for two years and I was deeply into the writing of another book. In fact, I think I had finished one book and started on a third. But readers want to talk about the book they’ve just read; they comment on it, ask questions and, sometimes (and I love this part) rave about it.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate all of my readers, even the ones who have something negative to say. I suppose the problem, like I’ve said, is that “Running from Fate” is now an ex-boyfriend. I remember it in a distant way – after all it was my creation, my blood, sweat and tears – but I don’t think of it often.

By all means, continue to comment and yes, absolutely yes, say nice things, rave about the parts you really like and I will thank you, but I might not completely recall the part you’re talking about.

Truthfully, once I’ve finished a book – and for you fellow writers you know it is hard work – I don’t really want to think about it again – well at least seriously think about it anyway (the kind of thinking that means reading it or, God forbid, working on it). I’ve spent months writing and just as long if not longer editing and revising. At least for a while anyway I’m sick of it. That’s not to say that I wouldn’t be willing to do another round of revising if say a publisher requested it, but I’d still grouch.

It’s a strange thing writing books, you always kind of live in your readers’ future. It’s a bit of a disconnect. I wonder if Neil Gaiman gets tired of people asking about “American Gods” or if J.K. Rowling will get sick of people talking about Harry Potter? Food for thought.

Anyway happy reading and inspired writing

Rose Connelly


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