Marketing your Kindle ebook

I’ve been looking at all these websites about how to market your Kindle ebook. I’ve seen tags mentioned, guest blogging, having a Facebook fanpage, using twitter, etc…Of course, I did find websites that wanted to sell me a book about marketing ebooks, which in my mind is a great gambit for them, but defeats the purpose for me; I’m trying to make money, not spend it.
Anyway, I got to thinking, I don’t have many people who follow my blog, barely over 100 who are connected to me on Twitter, and only one or two non-family friends on my specific author-related Facebook page. Now, I’m not saying that, provided you put enough energy into it, those things couldn’t work, but they haven’t done much for me so far.
For the first month that my book “Running from Fate” was on Amazon I barely had 50 sales and most of those were probably from friends and family. I was wary of making my ebook exclusive to Amazon for 90 days, but I signed up for KDP Select. It allows me 5 days to use for promotion, where people can download my book for free. In two days I had almost 15,000 downloads and, after the free download ended I’ve sold close to 300 books.
Sales do drop off though and I’m wondering how other people have successfully marketed their ebooks. Perhaps it’s just me, but I’m a big reader and I don’t search blogs and forums before I buy a book. Maybe I’m just not that into technology or I’m showing my age.
Anyway, if anyone has any ideas to share I’d love to hear them.

Happy reading

Rose Connelly


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