Dogs and rubbish

My dog Sophie

No this is not a post about romance or writing, but about people and rubbish and dogs. I just need to vent. For the second time in a row I have had to cut my dog’s game of fetch short because she was bleeding. Last time she somehow managed to cut the top of her foot. Today it was much worse. Not only did her foot start bleeding again, but I looked down and there was blood coming out of her mouth, all over her face and even on her chest. Granted it probably spread and looked worse than it was because it was incredibly windy and she was panting, but It terrified me. I rushed her home and cleaned her up. She had somehow cut her tongue. I got the bleeding stopped and she is on wet food and no enthusiastic activity for a few days, (it’s going to kill me) mostly because of her foot.

My dog can be clumsy sometimes and get in that zone where she is only thinking about fetch to the point where she won’t even notice if she’s hurt, but the fact that she is getting hurt so often is ridiculous. I can’t go to the park around the corner because there is so much broken glass and general rubbish around. I took her to another park last week and had to clean up crushed soda cans (sharp edges) before I could let her play.

I am going to make a complaint to my local council, but I wonder what makes people think that it’s ok to walk through a park where animals and children play, break bottles and toss rubbish. It’s not like there aren’t plenty of rubbish bins around and recycling bins are all over the place.

OK, I’m done, but thanks for listening. For all of those who have pets out there: take care of them.



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