Running from Fate book sales, reviews and comments

I just wanted to say thank you to all of the people who downloaded ‘Running from Fate‘ during the promotion and those who posted reviews and made comments on various websites. It was my very first book and I know there are some aspects that could perhaps have been done a bit better, but I believe writers always think that. It’s difficult and nerve-racking putting your work out there to be judged by others. It is a lot easier sending queries and even manuscripts off to unknown agents as it’s kind of impersonal and at least if they don’t like it, they won’t be posting comments on-line for everyone to see.

Still, I hope everyone enjoyed reading it. Since looking at a proof for Create Space I have noticed some spelling and grammar issues that neither myself nor beta readers noticed in the electronic version. I think you just get too used to seeing the text and a change of medium was what I needed. I have since uploaded a corrected version to Amazon and I have asked them how to go about notifying people who purchased the book before today of the update. As soon as I find out I will notify purchasers.

Over 14,000 people downloaded the book during the free promotion

I have since sold over 200 copies

Take a look at this review on Free Kindle News.

Within a few days a print copy should be available from Amazon.

Thank you again for all your support. Happy reading.

Rose Connelly


Dogs and rubbish

My dog Sophie

No this is not a post about romance or writing, but about people and rubbish and dogs. I just need to vent. For the second time in a row I have had to cut my dog’s game of fetch short because she was bleeding. Last time she somehow managed to cut the top of her foot. Today it was much worse. Not only did her foot start bleeding again, but I looked down and there was blood coming out of her mouth, all over her face and even on her chest. Granted it probably spread and looked worse than it was because it was incredibly windy and she was panting, but It terrified me. I rushed her home and cleaned her up. She had somehow cut her tongue. I got the bleeding stopped and she is on wet food and no enthusiastic activity for a few days, (it’s going to kill me) mostly because of her foot.

My dog can be clumsy sometimes and get in that zone where she is only thinking about fetch to the point where she won’t even notice if she’s hurt, but the fact that she is getting hurt so often is ridiculous. I can’t go to the park around the corner because there is so much broken glass and general rubbish around. I took her to another park last week and had to clean up crushed soda cans (sharp edges) before I could let her play.

I am going to make a complaint to my local council, but I wonder what makes people think that it’s ok to walk through a park where animals and children play, break bottles and toss rubbish. It’s not like there aren’t plenty of rubbish bins around and recycling bins are all over the place.

OK, I’m done, but thanks for listening. For all of those who have pets out there: take care of them.


Finding my own romance and creating a life – Fighting Social Anxiety

I don’t know how many of you remember, but back in March of 2011 I did a blog about tackling shyness (in connection with my book ‘A Blush of Magic’). Anyway, I’d like to revisit that subject and say that, yes, I do suffer from Social Anxiety Disorder and have for as far back as I can recall. I was one of those children who hid under my desk for the first month of kindergarten. I’d rather have understanding than pity and I am not alone in my self-imposed prison; millions of people around the world suffer from Social Anxiety, sometimes called Social Phobia, to one degree or another.

For some people it only manifests in very specific situations, for others it’s more generalized. Some of the symptoms are unnoticeable to anyone on the outside, like the negative thoughts and feelings that come from perceived scrutiny and assumed judgement by others. This can cause sufferers to be perceived as aloof or snooty, because we often find it difficult to speak up or try not to get involved in long conversations. Other symptoms can range from sweating to increased heart rate to blushing, trembling, stammering, difficulty breathing and full out panic attacks.

For me I have learned to automatically avoid situations that cause panic, which is a problem because social gatherings scare me, one on one conversation is nerve racking, and dating is terrifying. I’m not getting any younger though and I don’t want to always live like this. Yes, I love to write romance and fantasy, I love to read, but I don’t want the only romance I experience or the only friendship I see to come from what I write or what I read.

I have found help in two really great books by Leil Lowndes called ‘Goodbye to Shy‘ and ‘How to Talk to Anyone,’ but going from reading to doing is very difficult and I have done a lot of backsliding. I’ve also had a bit of help from the medical community, but therapy can be really expensive and waiting lists are long (NHS) so it’s up to me to change things.

So, I have joined some groups on meetup, a social networking site, and I’m going to a museum visit and coffee at the end of the month. I am also determined to take interesting cooking classes, learn to dance so I can go to Ceilidhs (pronounced Kay-lee) and many other things. First, though, baby steps. I’ll go out to things, use methods to try and calm my anxiety and hope I get better at social interaction. I’m determined so I will.

It can be really difficult to admit to such a thing as Social Anxiety when we live in a society that awards confidence and finding support is difficult. If you are suffering know that you are not alone and keep trying.

Rose Connelly

Contemporary Romance – Running from Fate

Well sales have slowed on my ebook ‘Running from Fate,’ likely due to the fact that I have done very little in the way of marketing or being visible on-line. I’ve been so busy and stressed, working so much (and not on my writing), that it’s difficult to get up the energy. Still, I have decided to make it available in print through CreateSpace. Just waiting for the proof to come in, which I’m quite exited about. Then I’ll see what I can do to make myself more visible.

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