Current/future reads

I’ve been volunteering at the Scottish Book Trust – a non-profit promoting reading, writing, and literature – and I noticed an unproofed copy of a book on someone’s desk.  Being between books, I asked if I could borrow it.  The book was the debut novel by Veronica Roth.  It was titled Divergent and takes place in a dystopian Chicago where at 16 everyone must choose one of five factions, conform to all their ideals, and forsake their families in favor of them (if they choose a faction different from their family).  It was a story about people who dared to be different, heart breaking choices, love, and bravery.  I read it every chance I got and finished quickly, then I messaged the author and thanked her.  I have been told that this book is similar in feel to The Hunger Games, but having not read that particular book I can’t confirm this. I would, however, highly recommend this book and I can’t wait till the next one comes out.


On another note, I’ve bought my flat mate  (one of my sisters) four books for Christmas, another sister sent us a book to share, and my flat mate bought me three books.  It’s driving me  nuts because I currently have nothing to read and I know there are eight books I want to read, wrapped and under the tree and I can’t read them.  I suppose I’ll concentrate on my writing for now and just feel good knowing I’ve so much to read after Christmas. Any recommendations on books? What books are you getting or wishing for this Christmas?

By the way, the Christmas books are:

A Nora Roberts’ trilogy (not saying which one as my flat mate doesn’t know)

Two Kresley Cole books

A Mercedes Lackey Five Hundred Kingdoms book (I’d highly recommend this series for anyone who enjoys romance and fantasy)

A Mercedes Lackey/Andre Norton fantasy


Game of Thrones (no I haven’t read it yet)

Happy reading,

Rose Connelly


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