Fingers crossed

I just received an e-mail from Sourcebooks Publishing saying that my manuscript of “Running from Fate” has been put in the queue for reading. Fingers crossed that they like it.


Current Reads

I write romance and I read a lot of romance books, but I’m also a great lover of the fantasy genre.

Usually, I find new authors by walking through my library and picking up books that look interesting (well in genres I like; you’d never find me in the crime section).  As you can probably imagine, this doesn’t always work out so well and there are times when I end up with books that just need returned.

Recently, I had a bit of luck because my sister Maryska recommended a new author. Her name is Naomi Novik and she writes historical fantasy. I trust my sister and we have similar tastes so I went ahead and checked out the first three in her series, which I think is known as Temeraire.

I’m on “Black Powder War,” which is book three in the series and I’m enraptured. I can’t wait to finish and get on to the next one.

The stories are set during the Napoleonic Wars, but with one major difference: there are dragons. These are not dumb beasts, but have the same sort of intellectual abilities as humans. They speak, they have different species, they fight in the war effort, and (in most countries) they are paired with one captain as soon as they hatch.

The bond that develops between the two main characters is beautiful. The dragon,Temeraire, is a rare breed from China who was captured off a French warship. The captain of the English vessel that did the capturing accidentally impresses (bonds with) the dragon when it hatches early and switches the life of the sea for the life of an aviator. As the fighting continues and they face adversity at every turn, an unbreakable bond develops and both are changed for the better by it.

The books of the series are as follows:

His Majesty’s Dragon (called Temeraire in the UK)

Throne of Jade

Black Powder War

Empire of Ivory

Victory of Eagles

Tongues of Serpents

Crucible of Gold

I would highly recommend them.

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