What is an Adult Anyway?

My sister and I were out for a walk in the park today with my Parson Russell, Sophie, and we encountered this youngish couple with two dogs (Sophie did very well with them-her socialization skills are improving, I am pleased to say). We had a nice chat and of course they asked us what we do. This is seemingly a standard question as most people ask it, but not always a good one.

What if you absolutely hate your job, it’s not what you want to do, and it has no reflection on who you feel yourself to be? Or-like many of us currently-what if you are unemployed? I don’t know what other’s think, but it makes me feel kind of bad about myself, unwilling to say anything, and, probably coming off as a bit snobby.  It’s not the fault of the askers because, like I already said, I think it’s one of those questions we are told that we’re supposed to ask. (I did say that I wrote romance, out loud to strangers, so I’m quite proud of myself.)

Anyway, as we walked away, my sister and I got to talking about where we were at in life, how things had not gone the way we wanted or how we could have possibly foreseen as teenagers (I was a rebellious (no kidding, I had Smurf blue hair and hung out at a skate park) punk at that age so I’m not sure I was even thinking clearly).

-I am almost 32, I’m single and unemployed, with a small rented flat, and a degree that seems to be useless in the job market. I think that there are a lot of people in similar positions (especially with the lousy economy).-

This thought led to a bit of pontification. You see, talking to that couple in the park today-who were both professionals-I felt somehow diminished in their presence, like I was a younger, not so experienced person (although I think they may have been a bit younger than me.).

I’m quite convinced that this sensation stems from the fact that I have not achieved the milestones that society says I need to in order to achieve “adulthood” (see the previous paragraph on my situation).

Then I got to thinking, I’ve never actually felt like an adult. So what makes someone an ‘adult’? And what does such a person feel like? I suppose I could have existed in such a state for many years and been unaware of it. Is the word just a tag we use to say, “Hey, this person can buy alcohol now and go into debt”?

Do we all still feel large portions of that fourteen-year-old punk and seven-year-old dreamer inside us? I still like water fights, racing across a field, swinging, and trampolines, does that mean I’m immature? Or, is everyone else just pretending?

Rose Connelly


In Book World, I have finished the first draft of my novel (might have posted on that last week). I’m happy, but it still has a while to go editing wise before I’ll consider it done. And, congratulations to my slightly older sister (just one year) who finished the first draft of her very first novel!!! I’m proud of you.


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  1. Sally
    Apr 10, 2011 @ 13:48:56

    I think at some point you realise that you are an adult. It just kinda hits you.


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